Ethical dilemmas surrounding symptom management during end of life care
Paper details:
Please see the attached document for term paper guidelines. We must include our own ethical dilemmas in this paper as well by naming which ethical principles are involved (the 7 ethical principles we are covering are: autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, veracity, confidentiality, justice, and fidelity) and how they related to the issue of system management during end of life care. Most patients are placed on a morphine drip at end of life as well as other medications. Family members tend to sometimes think these hasten the dying process. Others look at symptom management as a way to allow their loved ones to go peacefully. I would like for my paper to include the struggle that nurses have giving care during end of life. I personally as a nurse tend to wonder if I’ve done what is right. If I have helped my patient to be more comfortable or have I pushed them closer to death than they would have been without the drugs I have administered?