In this assignment, you will be asked to appreciate the thoughtful balance involved in ethical decision-making when 
designing and implementing psychology experiments. You will be asked to evaluate studies from the perspective of a (1) IRB committee and (2) the researcher. 
Choose an article to review from the list below. For your assignment, you should include the following information and 
1. Summary of the study (1 paragraph)
2. Ethical considerations from the perspective of an IRB committee 
3. Recommendations for changes to the study design/implementation from the perspective of an IRB committee
4. Ethical considerations from the perspective of the researcher in response to recommendations from an IRB 
Ethical considerations should include the following principles and how it applies to the study you are reviewing: Principle of Respect for Persons (e.g. Informed Consent, Deception, Debriefing, etc.), Principle of Beneficence, and Principle of 
Justice. Provide a desrption of how these principles were/were not applied to your study, and elaborate on the impact on the participant and/or society.
The assignment should be a maximum of 3 pages using single-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, and 1 margins. You should use full sentences and your best writing. You can have headings and subheadings if that makes it easier for you to structure your answers.
2. Holmes, D. S. (1972). Effects of grades and disconfirmed grade expectancies on students evaluation of their 
instructor. Journal of Educational Psychology, 63, 130133.