This assignment focuses on The Photo-Essay. There is also a semiotic analysis of childhood. In terms of childhood and media, children’s clothes can be explored in terms of design (style, colour, slogans etc)

The Photo-Essay- semiotic analysis of childhood

PHOTO-ESSAY        The Photo-Essay is a semiotic analysis of two photographs, discussing how the images represent childhood, and with reference to relevant academic texts.


On the following pages are some ideas to help you select a theme, and a choice of two different approaches for your Photo-Essay (templates). The templates are suggestions to help you structure and balance the 1000 words you need to write. You can use this guide to help you: [1] think about how to analyse; [2] plan what you need to research; [3] consider how to write your answer; [4] manage your time.  The sub-headings and questions in the templates are just to guide you and should NOT be used in the final essay.

THEMES   Not quite sure what the ‘themes’ are?  Here are some pointers; questions and thoughts to get you started and help you make a choice.

a)       Indoor spaces:   Children play in spaces indoors. These can be specifically designed for certain types of play, or they could be spaces used for other things but adopted for play by children. It’s worth thinking about the difference between such types of indoor play spaces.

 The Photo-Essay- semiotic analysis of childhood

b)      Consumerism:   This includes adverts or products designed and marketed to appeal directly to children, even those too young to have any funds of their own (such as pocket money). There are regulations around advertising and marketing to children – are these effective?


c)       Children’s clothes:   In terms of childhood and media, children’s clothes can be explored in terms of design (style, colour, slogans etc) and also in term of suitability (age, gender, sexualized clothing etc). What messages do clothes convey?


Detailed Instructions


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