Mexican American Fine Arts Appreciation




Three prominent individuals I have held with high regard for their work and contribution to the Latin American and Chicano communities include; Maria Hinojosa, Rodolfo Gonzales, and Luis Valdez. These individuals provided an extraordinary platform that exposed the social, economic, and political issues the Latin community faces. Becoming an iconic representative lies in an individual’s capacity to advocate for social issues and hence we must appreciate endeavors and the composition common people create.


Maria Hinojosa is a strong and influential woman who through sponsoring and overseeing the production of different platforms exposes society to world events. Having many successful Mexican-American women in our history will inspire the Latin community to strive and work hard to achieve their goals. Maria Hinojosa is a successful executive producer, founder, and has been a journalist for 30years having achievements that draw attention to experiences and perspectives mainstream media often ignores. Maria is also a founder at Futuro Media and producer of Latino USA. She insists on believing in her power and emphasizing how she grew up without a defending voice. As a result, Maria founded Futuro Media as a platform she could use to talk about issues she found critical. I am impressed by her dedication in advocating for Latino issues and by how her accomplishments instill hope and morals in the Latin American population.


Rodolfo Gonzales is a Mexican-American poet who is famous for his communication through poetry as well as his participation in political initiatives that seek justice for the Mexican-American people. Gonzales through his work ‘Yo Soy Joaquin’, creates awareness of how Americans treat Mexican-American people by use of sentimental rhetoric that brings out emotions. Rodolfo, using poetry, shares his views on how we can address problematic social concerns through the understanding of what we have grown to be. The compelling poetry captures the attention of the reader and hence keeps them engaged with Gonzales’s message throughout the poem. To empathize with the social challenges facing the Latin community requires a tone and expressive rhetoric which Gonzales has achieved in his poem. I have developed an interest in reading materials from great writers since I understand the value found in the messages. Chicano literature has seen an increase in publications compared to the early 1960s.


Basing everything on tone, Luis Valdez directed the film, ‘La Bamba’ that one can relate to detailing the history of Ritchie Valens and whose music resonates well with the people. Having a relationship and understanding of the origin of this song and how it had an impact on many lives is an inspiration. Luis Valdez exhibited compassion to non-Anglos for the conditions and situations they had to endure to become successful in the music industry. He directed a film that narrated Ritchie Valens’s life before his music career and his path to success. From the movie, we can see the anxiety and stress caused by cultural differences in a social setting and the music industry and what could lead to an individual’s success. Valens assimilated the Anglo culture fully to progress his career as a singer which was the specific reason for the indicated circumstance. Luis Valdez has received criticism for being a non-Chicano but playing the lead role of Ritchie. Valdez directed a biographical film that recreated the story of Ritchie Valens converting his life into a meaningful cultural documentary. I appreciate the work of Luis Valdez which demonstrates proficiency while capturing the attention of audiences. More films directed by Luis Valdez fascinate and intrigue me as he is also regarded as one of the most influential and important American playwrights.


We can utilize art and talent to express and convey messages that include social concerns and cultural differences. We can create awareness by sharing and discussing these amazing artists. Enlightenment in people can originate from understanding different cultures and societies. There are numerous opportunities that everyone can utilize to show their way of life or heritage which as a result will allow us to observe and understand different behaviors. To continue leading a healthy life, we must learn to appreciate cultural differences and hence build a strong diverse society.