The Epistles The idea of salvation is the most important aspect of every religious belief and different religious beliefs suggest different ways to attain it. Carefully glean through the important passages in Romans and Galatians and briefly develop Paul’s idea of justification by faith and briefly show how you would be able to share this with someone who believes in working out his/her own salvation.


Find and read at least 5-10 journal articles or books that are relevant to the topic. The articles must be from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals. 2) You must support your essay by making reference to scholarly resources like journal articles (from, scholarly books (preferably published by Academic and University publishers), dictionaries, and commentaries. Use of internet websites, magazines, and devotional material in the term paper is NOT acceptable. 3) You must cite all referenced material. Failing to do so will be considered plagiarism leading to a fail grade. 4) You may write using the first person: “I …” 5) Your essay should follow the Turabian format (8th edition) and all references should be properly footnoted.

Quick Response

Paul wrote letters to Ephesians and Galatians advocating for the development of strong faith in Jesus Christ. He further insisted on justifying through faith in Christ as opposed to dwelling on the law. Paul links the word justification to sin and elaborates on how sin works CITATION Aki14 l 1033  (Akin, 2014). In Galatians, Paul acknowledges the Christians as free children waiting to go to Jerusalem above. The only aspect that the Christians are sensitized to consider includes having faith in Jesus Christ and exercising it in daily activities and experiences. This approach is contrary to the Old Testament where people were required to uphold the law. Failure to recognize and do according to the law made a person a sinner. However, the coming of Jesus Christ is seen to replace the law and introduce humanity to sufficient grace that is meant to rebuild the relationship between man and God.

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