The assignment focuses on Environmental Scan and Analysis. Also, there is an analysis of Intercultural Competencies in the paper. So, you are required to conduct a brief environmental scan.

Environmental Scan and Analysis-Intercultural Competencies paper

The writer wrote my mid-point assignment last time, now I need him to write my final paper. Written Response—Intercultural Competencies: Environmental Scan and Analysis. For this final assignment, you will compile, discuss, and analyze information on an intended or a possible future global career placement of your choosing. You will conduct a brief environmental scan. (i.e., gathering a minimum of 7 sources). A particular international organization of your choosing. Also, your responses should reflect the cultural context which this global organization operates. As a part of your report, you will research and analyze the (inter)cultural aspects of a specific position or work experience that you interested in. NOTE: you should not attempt to define all aspects of a global organization.

Environmental Scan and Analysis-Intercultural Competencies paper

Rather, you should clearly define and communicate. (e.g., within question 1) the limitations, parameters, and specific context of the position for which you are gathering information. You are encouraged to be creative in your data gathering strategies; for instance, you may gather data from a variety of online sources (e.g., journals, newsletters, websites, videos, etc.). Please go through the assignment instruction very carefully before you working on this order. You must cited all sources very clearly. PS:please disregard the title “caomei” which is not related to this order. There are some links in the instructions, If you think need incorporate some course materials in the paper.

Detailed Instructions


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