This assignment explores Enterprise risk management while using Porter’s 5 Forces method.So, how will you assess the risk management options for each of the 4 Products?

Enterprise risk management-Porter’s 5 Forces method


Essay – Answer the following in a logical, concise manner:

 ABC Company not a real company, made-up by professor has 4 factories that each make a single, different product.  ABC Company is assessing the risk of a pandemic impacting their business operation at each of their factories. 

 Enterprise risk management-Porter’s 5 Forces method

ABC has categorized their product according to the BCG matrix.

 Factory 1 makes a WIDGET that may be important in the future but ABC does not know that yet;

         Also, Factory 2 makes a TRINKET that they see as a very important product now and in the future;

         Factory 3 makes a BLANKET that has been a dog of a product for years;

         Factory 4 makes a JUNKET that has been around for a long time and makes good money.


ABC needs to make some planning decisions regarding how they will deal with the impact of a pandemic on each of these product lines.


You have been hired to do an assessment of their risk options for each factory and product.  You have determined that the best method of doing this is to assess the risk by using Porter’s 5 Forces.


1)     How will you assess the risk management options for each of the 4 Products?

2)     How are the options influenced by EACH of the 5 forces?

3)     How do these options fit our risk management options (e.g., reduce, avoid, etc.)

4)     Can you envision any controls that would aid in this effort and what kind would they be (preventative, compensating, etc.).

 This is not a pure research assignment but please cite a minimum of 3 sources that we have not used in class. 

 Detailed Instructions


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