The assignment discusses Enterprise Architecture Planning (EAP) Strategy. Also, there is a description of Solar Group Analysis. So, Create a schedule of change milestones.

Enterprise Architecture Planning (EAP) Strategy – Solar Group Analysis

Firstly, the Solar Group (TGC) wants to employ an enterprise architecture planning (EAP) strategy. This strategy defines a blueprint for subsequent design and implementation by placing planning and defining stages into the framework of the enterprise architecture (EA) approach. The planning stages include the following: Layer 1: Getting started Layer 2: Where TSG is today Layer 3: Vision of where it wants to be Layer 4: How it plans to get there Can this strategy be used for re-engineering roles as well as technology? Part 1: Final Deliverable for Key Assignment – 2 Pages Week 5: Network Enterprise Architecture Plan In the last few weeks, you have prepared the foundation for the Network Enterprise Architecture Plan document.

Enterprise Architecture Planning (EAP) Strategy – Solar Group Analysis

The final step is to include the implementation plan for the new network enterprise architecture. The project deliverables are as follows: Include the following in your implementation plan: Summarize network changes to network architecture. Create a schedule of change milestones. Include an EAP plan in your Network Enterprise Architecture Plan document. Part 2: Argumentation – 1 to 2 Pages IT is responsible for end-to-end network integrity. An EAP document provides the plan for integrating network EA changes. Consider the following EA approach for creating a plan, and relate the steps to activities for your pTheSolarGroup (TSGroject EA plan: Getting started Where you are today Vision of where you want to be How you plan to get there Observations for deployment benefits.

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