The assignment describes Fire Engineering Simulations Report. There is also a description of the building environment. So, simulate the impact of fires and smoke in the building environment.

Fire Engineering Simulations Report

Firstly, each student needs to complete the following tasks: Secondly, CFAST is a zone model that divide the compartment into two control volumes, a relatively hot upper layer and a relatively cool lower layer, please derive the system of ordinary differential equation for the compartment pressure. Also, each student shall use CFAST to simulate the impact of fires and smoke in the building environment for 10 minutes duration. The smoke layer height, smoke temperature and gases concentration of the fire compartments shall also be reported.

Fire Engineering Simulations Report

Additionally, each student shall also use the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) to predict the following for 10 minutes duration: (40 Marks) Temperature distribution; CO concentration; Soot visibility distribution; Radiation heat flux along the egress route. Thirdly, please propose the smoke extraction system with recommended flowrate to extent the ASET of the shopping mall. (30 Marks) Remarks x y Not to scale Page 4 of 4 Each student shall: state the assumptions, state boundary conditions, state approaches; reporting the simulation results and related screenshots captured in Smokeview for each fire scenario; maximum 30 pages and printed on both sides.

Detailed Instructions


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