The assignment discusses Energy Gel Case Study. Also, there is a Analysis of New product introduction. So, advise Harry Wickler and the Board of HPC on the decision to introduce the new product.

Energy Gel Case Study – New product introduction Analysis

Description Group Assignment Your group has recently hired as external consultants of High Performance Corporation (HPC). Your main task to advise Harry Wickler and the Board of HPC on the decision to introduce the new product Energy gel. As Board members do not have much time, your group expected to present a short note advising on this capital budgeting decision. You should duly justify your analysis. For simplification reasons, you should focus the analysis on cashflows and assume a discount rate of 12%. Hints: the report should discuss the following topics decision rule(s) to support capital budgeting decisions; cashflows to include in / exclude from the analysis; assumptions taken and sensitivity analysis.

Energy Gel Case Study – New product introduction Analysis

Surely you may include other topics you may find also relevant. General guidelines for report: > The report should have maximum 4 pages, excluding tables and figures. Respect the page limit. We recommend you to use Times New Roman size 12, or a similar letter, with 1,5 line spacing. Please identify your report with your group number. Professional in your presentation. This note is targeted to the Board members of a large corporation. Sure all tables have the adequate format. You should include the unit of all figures (%, thousands, units, etc) and don’t forget to format figures getting rid of too many decimal points or too long numbers. > You should not report an excel file, only a pdf with the report.

Energy Gel Case Study – New product introduction Analysis

Do not deliver just some non-transparent collection of exhibits (tables and figures) – always explain what you doing. > Number and name all your exhibits so that you can refer to them easily in the text. > Always justify your assumptions and conclusions, comment on your results. > Be concise – write to the point. > Hand-written works will not be considered. > Beware of plagiarism. Check the handbook on this issue. Although the report is only required to have 4 pages, I would like the writer to also include figures and tables to justify all decision.

Detailed Instructions


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