Critically discuss the strengths and weaknesses of three common research designs which you could use to investigate the topic of ‘employee engagement’.
Choose one of these research designs and provide the rationale for your choice.
Choose and justify the specific method(s) that you would use in your chosen research design.


How To reference in Leeds Harvard:

Insert an in-text citation and a corresponding reference in an alphabetical list at the end of your work for every source you quote, paraphrase, summarise or refer to.

Include the author’s surname and year of publication in the citation, and the full details of the item in the reference.

Include page numbers in your citation if you quote directly from the text, paraphrase specific ideas or explanations, or use an image, diagram, table etc from a source.


Biggs and Smith (2012) offer a convincing argument…

In contrast, Grayson (2012) identified the main determinant as…

Ramirez (2010), Schneider (2011) and Roberts (2013) discuss the challenges faced by…

There seems to be a correlation between students’ use of the library and high degree marks (Stone and Collins, 2012).