Empathy For Everyone?   2022 Latest Answers  

Kohut said that Empathy is a process that can lead us to both accurate and inaccurate  

results 29 and one of the main criticisms against empathy is that we empathize more  

easily with those closer to us. This criticism has a valid basis since our realities are  

mainly based on hierarchical and closed societies’ perspectives. From this point of  

view, it would be both great and terrible to think of a society where we could empathize equally with our children and our enemy or with a victim and a predator. A way  

to address this is to consciously engage in empathy exercises in order to understand  

the feelings and perspectives of those in different life circumstances. The hope here  

is that our empathic abilities can develop and extend throughout our lives, distributed  

technology, and communication is making this easier offering us the opportunity to  

connect across geographical boundaries and cultural perspectives.