This assignment focuses on Emotional Labor in Organizations. There is also a description of organizational communication approaches.

Emotional Labor in Organizations-organizational communication approaches

Emotional Labor in are to choose one of three approaches to the study of organizational communication: the systems approach, the cultural approach, or the critical approach. In your paper, you should use this approach to provide an analysis of your chosen organizational communication process. Have you ever worked a job in customer service where you had to deal with a very rude person? Were you able to control your emotions and still conduct your job? Harry works as a customer service agent for Spiro Airlines. Every day, he has to handle dozens of customer requests – from the routine to disgruntled people.Specifically, your paper should consist of the following sections: • A brief introduction that discusses the organizational communication process and the approach you will use to analyze that process.

Emotional Labor in Organizations-organizational communication approaches

• A section describing the assumptions and research tenets of the approach (systems, cultural, or critical) you’ll use in your analysis. • A review of literature that has investigated the process you’ve chosen with the approach you’ve chosen (e.g., what do we already know about socialization from a cultural perspective or what do we already know about cultural diversity from a critical perspective). • A detailed argument about future research that could be conducted to further our knowledge about the process you’ve chosen through the research approach you’ve taken. Your paper should  written in APA format and should include at least 10 references.

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