Detailed Instructions


        In particular, you will need to discuss key emerging ethical issues related to one the following topic: Treatment of Illegal Immigrants and Asylum seekers [For an example, please see this video: The Atlantic (2018) How Trump’s Family Separation Traumatized Children [Video file]. Retrieved from v=VFJzKmdldos (17V17)]

Please make sure to include each of the following topics in your Signature assignment

 -Identify and cite the current statistics that further explore and expand on the current state of the moral topic you have chosen to explore for your Signature assignment

More about this task:

It is crucial for the chosen topic to dwell on the statistics from the past as well as the current state of the ethical issue. The discussion should illustrate the capacity to identify ethical issues without any discrimination. It is essential that the task identify the scenario and link it to the emerging ethical issues such as the treatment of illegal immigrants. The YouTube video should shed light on the stance to be taken as an emerging ethical issue. The signature assignment exploration should ensure that the link between the statistics and the current trends is explored using literature or research findings respectively…

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