Illustrate what you have just learned about “edgework” or “living on the edge” by finding a photographic example of someone between the ages of 18-25 (as best you can judge) engaging in some type of extreme, risk-laden activity. (You may create your own photograph if you like — just don’t hurt yourself in the process!)

Insert your photograph into a word processed document (such as Word with a .doc extension at the end of the name). Also on that page, write a two paragraph description that covers:

  • Context: What were you able to find out about the context of the photo you selected? (If you created your own photo, give the background that you think your classmates will need to understand it.)
  • Reaction: What thoughts and feelings does this photo evoke for you?

Upload your document into this Discussion Forum. This Discussion is set up so that you can see everyone else’s example.