Assignment Components
Introduce the research question and topic. What question does your paper set out to answer? Elaborate: why is the question important and on what problems or debates can it shed light? (1/2-1 page).
Relevance. Which one of our course topics does your question address? Explain why the topic is relevant to the course (1/4-1/2 page).
Purpose and design statement. In this section, (a) use the above sections to develop a clear statement of what the purpose of your research will be (1/4 page). Then, (b) present a design for your research. Every topic comes with different requirements and problems. How will you conduct your research in a way thats most suitable for the topic? Do you anticipate any roadblocks or limitations to the research? What kinds of sources will be most useful for your topic? What kinds of sources will not be useful? (part a+b = 2 pages)