The assignment discusses Effectiveness of positive behaviour. Also, there is a description of leaning disability within the UK. So,

Effectiveness of positive behaviour-leaning disability within the UK

To research the effectiveness of positive behaviour support for those with a leaning disability within the UK, for the literature review. 500 words for an introduction, 500 words for my method, 3000 words for my literature review and 2000 words for the service improvement section. I have added 2 of the 4 articles that I can use for the literature review and also 1 that can be used as part of the service improvement.

Effectiveness of positive behaviour-leaning disability within the UK

Many people with intellectual disability have challenging behaviour which often has serious consequences. Such as the prescription of long term medication. Secondly, in-patient admissions and disruption of normal daily activities. Thirdly, community intellectual disability services may have difficulties in helping people. Also, available research suggests that Positive Behavior Support (PBS). A training system that teaches staff how to manage these situations. can benefit service users who may show improvements in challenging behavior and quality of life.

Effectiveness of positive behaviour-leaning disability within the UK

The investigators do not know of any study so far that has examined the clinical and cost effectiveness of PBS. That is provided by staff in routine clinical practice in community intellectual disability services. If PBS proved to be better than treatment as usual. It would have important implications for the management of a very vulnerable group. In this trial, health staff will receive accredited training in PBS. It will give details of how to understand challenging behavior and develop a management plan and how to implement it and monitor whether it has achieved its goals.

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