This assignment explores the Economic theories of Market Failure. There is as well a description of Effects of Viewing Pornography. So, from a policy perspective, how would you deal with this problem?

Economic theories of Market Failure – Effects of Viewing Pornography

Online pornography predicts a number of negative outcomes. Viewing pornography causes interest in deviant and illegal behaviors, 1 heightens computer addiction, 2 and deleteriously impacts the brain. 3 Indeed, online pornography can be addictive, harm- ing work productivity and relationships. 4 Use economic theory to argue that internet pornography constitutes a negative consumption externality. From a policy perspective, how would you deal with this problem? Is the optimal rate of online pornography zero? Explain in 500 or words or less, USING A DIAGRAM AS WELL. Some answers i found online: Answer #1: According to the economic theories of market failure, externalities exist and these externalities do negatively affect the holistic blossoming/ welfare of the people. The actions by one organisation/ firm can have very negative and severe implications in numerous forms on people in general.

Economic theories of Market Failure – Effects of Viewing Pornography

These externalities further become a serious issue in the context of its implications on the adolescents and youth. Degeneration of the academic interest, loss in the turning points of education with reference to career avenues are some of the ill aftermaths of online pornography. This problem can  better dealt with if there exists a strong political will and a constructive support by the masses. A strict framework of law and necessary amendments in the previously existing laws should be taken care of. There has to be an appropriate quantity of the incarceration/ punishments if the allied regulation  violated.

Further, preventive measures will turn to be more fruitful. Therefore educational institutes/ teachers and parents play a significant role. Proactiveness and abstinence is the key. This must be spread and the problem will be more than half resolved. The optimal rate of online pornography is not at all necessarily zero. answer #2: Online pornography known as adult entertainment, but offers more than entertainment. Pornography.

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