Early Childhood and Special Needs Education

Problem:  My teachers have a student that will scream as loud as he can. If the teachers say, “Quiet voice” or anything like that he’ll smile at his teacher and then scream again. They have used a lot of praise for when he is quiet and works well, but this hasn’t worked. Even giving him choices did not help. How do they get him to quiet down?

Using social stories to prevent screaming habit of a child during lesson time

  1. What are behavioural issues?
  2. Why does a child scream in a preschool?
  3. What triggers a child to scream?
  4. What strategies can be used to prevent the child from screaming?
  5. What are social stories?
  6. What are the pros and cons of using social stories?
  7. How can my teachers use social stories to help this child?