As an example, use COVID-19s impact on a mid-sized organization where the staff and had to transition from working at a desk in a cubicle to working at home with kids out of school. That was chaos and its already happened in hundreds of thousands of small businesses across the country with varying degrees of success. The Board of Directors is looking at how to run a post-Covid company. When/where/how do workers return? Do some remain at home permanently? Does the company retain the same business practices post-Covid? Does the leader have a new vision for the company that capitalizes on the transition to whatever the new normal will be or will they choose to plod along trying to do things the way theyve always been done? We already know that hundreds of thousands of small businesses will never reopen. Organizations that are going to survive and prosper are dealing with a rapidly changing environment. Pick any such organization, tell us what they are doing, and most importantly, and APPLY what youve learned about change leadership to tell us what they should be doing.