The paper  entails DoD Suicide problem. There is as well a description of suicide solution. So, define the problem and explain why the problem needs solving.

DoD Suicide problem-suicide solution paper

DoD Suicide problem/solution

Write a problem-solution paper of 750-850 words. Include a title page, abstract, headers, and page numbers in correct APA format.Many blame demographics—85% of the military is male, and men die by suicide more often than women. “But we also know that even female service members and veterans die by suicide at a higher rate than nonveterans and nonservice members,” Bryan says. In fact, according to 2017 data from the 2019 VA suicide prevention annual report, after adjusting for age, the suicide rate for women veterans was 2.2 times greater than the suicide rate for nonveteran women.

DoD Suicide problem-suicide solution paper

Now, psychologists across the country—both within and outside the DOD and the VA—are leading efforts to improve suicide risk assessment as well as conducting research to better understand and prevent military and veteran suicide. Cite at least four different sources in your paper. Use the following organization for your paper: Introduce the problem with a hook. Clearly state the problem in your thesis statement. Define the problem. Explain why the problem needs solving. Detail potential solutions. Select the “best” solution. Refute possible objections. Close with a call to action. Use current APA style documentation for in-text citations and a separate references list at the end of the paper.

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