Using the IRAC method, analyze the Supreme Court case of Hernandez v. Mesa. Next read the article Wrongful Death by Police. Following your IRAC report answer the following questions:

Do you agree with the Supreme Court’s ruling in Hernandez et. al. v Mesa? In your own words, justify and explain your answer.
Do you believe surviving family members in the Hernandez case have standing for a wrongful death lawsuit? Justify your answer.
What would be the possible constitutional violations by law enforcement in the Hernandez case if a lawsuit was brought in federal court? Explain your answer.
What would be the reasons for a lawsuit in the Hernandez case to be brought in state court? Explain your answer.
For this portion of your report base your answers on the article Wrongful Death by Police. Support your position.

Use the IRAC Assignment Template when submitting your report. Remember to include your name, date, and title of assignment (ie. Module 4 Writing Assignment, Civil Liability and Wrongful Death). For the IRAC portion of your report, refer to the IRAC Method Lecture.

IRAC report must be submitted using the provided IRAC Method Writing Assignment Template, which includes the template for your report on Wrongful Death by Police. Your report must be uploaded in a Word doc, 12 font double spaced and a minimum of 300 words, including the IRAC portion. Grading will be based on using the IRAC Writing Assignment Rubric on:

Reference and citation
Sentence structure
Vocabulary, grammar, and spelling
Thesis and content
Organization of paper
Total Possible Points: 60