Dissection of a journal article

Browse through the journals that are available and choose an article that seems interesting to you. Take a minute to look over the article and then answer the following questions.  


1.  What is the name of the journal you have chosen? 

2.  What year was your article published? 

3.  What volume (and issue if given) does your article appear in?

4. What are the names and affiliations of the authors? 



 What organizations, people, and/or funding sources are acknowledged (in the acknowledgement section at the end of most articles; 2pts) 

5.  What is the title of the article? 


6.  Using the information on p.3 of your handout, produce a correctly formatted citation for this article (6pts).






7.  Verifying that this article is actually primary literature:

Does the article have an abstract? 

Did the authors conduct research of some type?  

What section headings (Introduction, etc…) does this article use? (main sections;1pts)