Discussion: Your Personal Journey
You are coming to the end of your first course at Walden University and you are about to embark on a journey that will support and deepen your exploration of yourself, others, the world around you, as well as your chosen field of study. Are there any thoughts or reflections you want to share with your instructor or classmates as you begin the final week of this course? Feel free to use this space to interact with your fellow student travelers and congratulations on completing this crucial and important first step with us!
As you read and consider the ideas in Sherman Alexies essay Superman and me, think about your own potential contributions to your local community and to the global landscape.
-write one or two paragraphs describing your reaction to Alexies memoir about learning to read and how he expresses his commitment to social change in his community.
-How is it the same or different from your own story of learning?
Post an additional paragraph about your views on how technology frames our perspective. Comment on what you found the most or least surprising in the TEDTalk video on this subject.