Discussion 1: Your Offer in Relation to Customers

The following discussion is focused on developing and understanding your unique value proposition (UVP). The UVP is the concise and memorable statement that describes the unique value of your offer (differentiators) and generates interest for primary relationships. Please read the following articles: The Value of a Unique Value Proposition, How to Create a Unique Value Proposition and Clarify Your Unique Value Proposition. Within the discussion, please provide the following:

1. List 5 most important benefits/features of your offering in order of importance

2. List 5 most important needs/wants of your primary relationships in relation to your offer

3. Create a two sentence UVP that incorporates items in your lists

4. Discuss your assumptions and talk about ways to test them

This discussion will be graded using the attached Discussion Rubric. In order for meaningful conversation to occur in this discussion, initial posts must be made on time. If you do not make your initial post by the designated time, the DMMS late work policy will apply (minus any other deductions) for the discussion. You are required to submit an initial post and at least two response posts.