Discuss why this is also essential in a business environment.

3. Why is realistic optimism a critical factor in risk management? 2022 Latest Answers  

– Team cohesion and complementary expertise are important components of  

resilient teams as are industriousness, enthusiasm, and loyalty.  

– A good team leader develops individual strengths and assigns work accordingly. Building upon individual strengths fosters a sense of personal control and is more effective in raising performance than trying to improve  


– Six character strengths have been identifi ed in individual performance,  

which can also be applied to leadership performance: wisdom, courage,  

humanity, justice, temperance, and transcendence.  

– Effective leaders have a willingness to delegate responsibility, resulting in  

a fl attened hierarchy and facilitating communication . They also create a  

psychological zone of safety where mutual respect is the norm.  

– One of the best examples of resilient organizations is high reliability organizations (HROs). Adverse, unexpected events are more likely in these  

organizations and resilience is critical for effective operation. High job  

satisfaction and low employee turnover are critical conditions for achieving and maintaining organizational resilience.