Provide a snapshot of the customer Provide a more detailed picture of the customer referring to relevant cultural, social and personal influences and psychological processes related to consumer behavior


Discuss the consumer buying decision process in relation to your Walmart Canada and customer context.   2022 latest answers

In a business-to-business context, you should consider the following:

How does this buying context differ from a business-to-consumer context?  

What are the buying situations and how do they relate to your Walmart Canada?  

Who are the participants and what does the buying process entail?  

Good answers will include information on the importance of customer loyalty, relationships and refer back to stakeholders.  

Capturing marketing insights in this section you should briefly discuss the different forms of data, how to collect it and manage it. Good answers will provide relevant discussion on using big data for capturing insights.  

You should consider current data protection legislation and explain the impact of this on your MIS. Additionally you should use relevant approaches to provide a forecast of current and future demand for your organization.

This may include a discussion around traditional or newer approaches that may be relevant.