Part A
We addressed seasonal demand this week in terms of capacity planning and how diversification of products (i.e. snow skis and water skis) and even services could allow production to be level and constant for a manufacturer. Research and locate another business that does this alternation of products/services to create a more constant production line or service experience. In your initial post, share the following:
Discuss the company and consider the benefits of this type of approach to them.
Consider another company that might currently operate based upon seasonal demand and determine how they might expand their products/services to embrace such an approach.
Discuss the benefits of your recommendation(s).
Part B
This week we addressed capacity planning and management. When crafting your reflection, consider some of the concepts that we have studied including constraint management and bottlenecks. In your own words, explain how constraint management and bottlenecks can deter value in an organization and how do organizations overcome constraints and bottlenecks to create value? Explain in approximately 200 words.