. Give an overview of your community to include any relevant population, demographic, cultural, social, or economic characteristics.

Identify a significant determinant of health that impacts your community

Identify a specific public health issue that is commonly seen by a multicultural or diverse population in the community.

Describe a local health promotion program that is failing or lacking in the community that could help meet the determinants of health ​needs of the diverse population in the community


. Discuss the community health framework/model that can be applied to the health promotion program

. Discuss a law or policy that could alleviate determinant of health issues if it were in place.

 Discuss the role a CHW would play in addressing determinants of health, multicultural or diverse populations, and health equity in the community. Identify the role a CHW can play and the collaboration needed with others in the community to effect system, environmental, and policy changes.

Discuss the skills and traits a CHW would need to be a successful change agent in this community.