Organizational Best Practice Paper: This is a scholarly, data-driven, cited, and revised written assignment on an organization that has achieved a best business practice in their field of operations, not including APA citations and bibliography.

Choose an organization and/or business and prepare a 7 to 8-page (2000-2300 words) paper on an organizational best” practice. For instance, you could choose an organization that is well known for its employee training programs. What makes this organization one of the best in the industry? How does this training empower, motivate, and educate its employees? How can another organization implement this practice?
In the past students have written on sports teams, car makers, on-line retailers, etc… any organization that has an organizational “best practice”. Again, the practice can be employee rewards, motivation, feedback, culture, etc… something that is related to organizational behavior.

1) Identify the organization and talk about its mission and vision, who leads it?

Where is it located?
2) Discuss its best practice or practices (source information from books, Mergent online database, Bloomberg Terminals, EBSCO, newspapers, magazines, etc… ) — this can include sports teams, educational institutions, non-profit, government agencies, for-profit organizations, etc…

3) Tie this best practice into concepts that we have talked about during class
4) How could another organization adopt this best practice?