1. Consider three industries of your choice that are in the engineering, FMCG  

and services sectors. For each of the these industries

(a) Discuss how IT is impacting the way business is done?   2022 Latest Answers  

(b) How does IT impact globalization /localization of activities in a typical  

fi rm in each of the three industries you have chosen?  

(c) Discuss how the customer is benefi ting on account of the above.  

(d) What are the changes that need to be brought about in the companies  

in the chosen industries to survive the “disruption” that is being created by IT? Discuss the fi rms in the three industries separately.  

(e) Which are the pioneering companies in the three industries in IT adoption? How are the companies in the same industry similar or dissimilar  

in their approach to IT. Discuss each industry separately.