1. Assess your general tendency to persevere towards long-term goals with  

the grit assessment instrument developed by University of Pennsylvania  

professor Angela Duckworth and colleagues, found on her research lab’s  

  . Discuss factors that may  

enhance your future score on this assessment. Specifically consider the  

role of goal setting and deliberate practice .  2022 Latest Answers   

2. Assess your growth mindset with the assessment instrument developed by  

Stanford University professor Carol Dweck, accessed via this link: http://

community = 1 . Individually compare  

your outcome from this assessment with your outcome from the grit  

assessment then determine among the class whether there is a pattern of  

correlation between the two assessments. There is no need to disclose your  

scores on the assessments, just whether they are similar in level.  

3. Seth Godin, marketing expert and entrepreneur, put it bluntly with regard  

to innovation: “If you are saying to all your employees, ‘Innovate, innovate, innovate,’ but you give the Employee of the Month parking space to  

the person who never screwed up and you give the bonus and the vacation  

to the person who doesn’t make mistakes, you are not serious about innovation, and your team knows it.” 37 Discuss the meaning of this statement  

in relation to perseverance towards a challenging goal .