T25: Diploma In Pharmaceutical Science

A 30 years old male patient approach you to ask for counselling information with regards to a medication he bought for loose stool complaints about him and his son. Below is the product leaflet in the box


Loperamide hydrochloride (HCI) Imodium’ capsules



MOD Uke is used Calmat diarrhoea, IPACIOIUM. makes the gods more aced and less frequent.

You can take IMODIUMP 2MG CAPSULE for sudden (acute) diarrhoea or long-lasting (chronic) diarrhoea You may also be oven I/100101A* 2MG CAPSULE if you have a pan of your intestines removed as this often causes diarrhoea


Do not get INIODILIVP 21(IG CAPSULE to children under 2 years Do not use IMODIUPT 2MG CAPSULE

• if there Is blood In your stools you have a high temperature •

of your nave Inflammation of the lower bowel dor example. ulcerative ogles cr pseudomembranous corms as a result of using antibiotics). • if your Oxley has told you that you have a carbon where slowing of the intestine should be avoided.

for example. if you are constipated or your abdomen is swollen: • if you know you are allergic (hypersensitive) to lope carried HCI a co e of the other trig regents If in doubt ask your phermaCel a doctor for advice


• Although IlitrODIU/Ar2MG CAPSULE stops danger It will not treat the cause of it Whenever possible the cause of the donate should also be treated

• When you have diarrhoea, you  we lose a lot of Muds You should therefore replace lost fluids by taking much more liquid than you normally would This is especially impotent for small children Your pharmacist will be able to Supply a special power that

contains sugar and salts When added to water, it will also replace the salts that are lost during a bout of darned Tres solution is particularly suitable for children

• For sudden (acute) diarrhoea, IMODIUM’2M0 CAPSULE will usually stop the symptoms within 48 hours. If it does not, stop taking the medicine and see your doctor.

• If you have AIDS and are being treated with 2MG CAPSULE for diarrhoea and if you have any signs of abdominal swelling or bulging stop taking IMODIUMk2MG CAPSULE immediately and tell your doctor

• Do rot lake this product for anything other than its intended use and never take more than the recommended amount Seams heart problems (symptoms of which include fast or irregular heartbeat) have been reported in patients who have taken too much loperamide, the active ingredient in IMODIUM


• Do rot abuse and misuse IMODIUMT 2MG CAPSULE.
Children IMCOIUM° 2MG CAPSULE should not be given to children under 2 years and should only be given to children under 6 years if your doctor has prescribed it 0110 Pregnancy. If you are or think you may be, pregnant, you should inform your doctor who will decide if you can take Imodium 2MG CAPSULE

breast-feeding You are advised not to take IMCOIUMT2MG CAPSULE if you are breastfeeding because SMMI arms-Its of IMODIUMk2MG CAPSULE can end up in your Milk Driving or operating machinery Tiredness dizziness, or drowsiness can be seen wan diarrhoea If this happens do not drive or use any machines.

3) Mrs Tan is a middle-aged female accountant who presents to your pharmacy with nasal congestion and a slight fever. Her daughter has taken her temperature readings for her. She wishes to get some cold and flu remedies from you.