Differentiate between  Spirituality vs. Religion  

Spirituality is distinct from institutionalized religion. While religion often looks  

outward depending on rites and rituals; spirituality looks inward—the kingdom  

within. Spirituality is non-dogmatic, non-exclusive, gender neutral, and non-patriarchal approach to connect with this one source of all existence. It signifi es that regardless of our surface differences, there is an underlying sacred commonality, the  

Ground of Being, to borrow a phrase from Paul Tillich. One writer (Adler, 1992 )  

aptly captures the essence of this difference through the title of a book: Truth in  

Religion: Plurality of Religions and Unity of Truth .  

Despite the fact that a review of eighty-seven scholarly articles found that most  

researchers couple spirituality and religion together (Dent, Higgins, & Wharff,  

2005 ), according to a recent Pew Report , nearly one in fi ve Americans identify  

themselves as “spiritual but not religious.” 1

Many people these days like to selfidentify as “spiritual but not religious,” not because they are antagonistic to any  

religious institution, but simply because there’s no one institution that fi ts their  

spiritual ideology. Frequently, they like to combine elements of various religious  

traditions and spiritual philosophies such as Buddhism, Vedānta, Sufi sm, and  

Judeo- Christianity into something that uniquely resonates with them.