Make a diagram or flow chart to show the progression of an important legal case. Choose from one of the following cases: Miranda v. Arizona, Terry v. Ohio, State v. Santiago, or Katz v. United States.

Read the facts about one of the cases at Read the amendments to the Constitution and decide which amendments and which rights are involved. Make a flow chart to illustrate the issue of the case, the amendments that are involved, the rights that are involved, and how the case affects what private security workers may do in their jobs.


Using the information from the research, your diagram or flow chart should include the following information:

  • A diagram or flow chart that shows a process for an important legal case
  • Written text to describe the details of the case (who, what, when, where, why)
  • Written text to explain the amendments involved in the case
  • Written text that summarizes the rights involved in the case
  • Written text that describes the explanation of the judges who heard the case
  • Written text of the exact wording of the decision by the court
  • A list of how the decision affects the private security industry