Device Specifications Assignment

Assignment Instructions

Complete the tables below for as many devices as you use in your day-to-day life. This includes your phone, computer, any fitness device you wear, smart watch, tablet, e-reader, etc. Next to the prompt you will see various notations indicating the type of information that should entered. For instance, next to Display res. is the prompt (pixels x pixels). This means in completing that field, your answer should be the pixel dimensions of the display, something like 2560 x 1440. Other notations include (ver) for version, (type), (desc) for description, (fps) for frames per second, etc. In some places there is the notation (Y/N). For these enter either Y for yes or No. In many cases the specification does not apply. Such as if a smartphone has a trackpad. In these cases, enter N/A. 

In many cases you might have multiple answers. For instance, if you have multiple monitors or your computer, or have multiple storage areas, such as the built-in storage and an SD card in your smart phone. You might have multiple USB ports, which is common on desktop and laptop computers. For these, enter the specifications of what is either the best, newest, or primary component of the device.

Finally, there may be instances where you know the device has the component, but you cannot find the information. For these enter ???. Submissions with more than five (5) “???” will begin to lose points. Space is provided for up to ten (10) devices. All fields for each device should be completed. DO not leave blanks. Once you have completed the assignment, upload it to Canvas by the due date. If you are unsure of what an answer should look like, see the assignment examples. 

How to Find the Information

You may be wondering where to find this information. The answer is via multiple sources. First, and foremost, the device itself. Computers, smartphones, and many other devices have places to look up this information within the device settings. If you don’t know how to look this up, use an internet search to find out. You should also use the internet to look up what the difference components are if you are unsure. For instance, if you don’t know how to determine what type of USB port your device has, look up how to determine this via a search. Similarly, if you don’t know what a component is, look it up. When searching, make sure the website you use is reputable. Start with the website of the maker of the device. Other websites may have additional information. 

At no time should you have to unscrew or disassemble any part or your device. It may be necessary to remove a battery in some cases, but this is only if you are instructed to do so by a reputable source and the battery is designed to be easily removed, such as in some laptops. Similarly, you should not need to install any software to look up this information. Built-in information screens, labels on the device, and specifications listed in manuals, user guides, or on reputable websites should be sufficient to complete this assignment. 

Assignment Goal

This assignment is designed to help you become acquainted with looking up the various components and specifications for technological devices we use every day. It should introduce or deepen your understanding of various terms used regarding technology, and help you exercise and improve your ability to search effectively on the internet to find the information you seek. Often, we use these devices with little-to-no thought about how they are designed or what makes them run and how. Knowing the specifications of our devices is the first step to gaining a deeper understanding of what they are composed of and what capabilities they have. Knowing this information also makes it easier to compare devices, which is helpful when looking for device upgrades or comparing devices when purchasing a new one.

Device Types

The first field asks what type of device you are describing. In this field, enter one of the following options:

Desktop Computer


Fitness Tracker

Game Console

Laptop Computer

Portable Game 

Smart Phone 

Smart Watch


Other Computer

Other Device

Other Wearable