Develop a comprehensive understanding of a selected middle range theory, presenting a description, analysis, and evaluation of selected theory for building nursing knowledge.

Expected outcomes of the group theory presentation

  1. Thoroughly analyze a middle range theory according to accepted standards (specific criteria below)
  2. Contribute to a small group effort and evenly distributed work load 3. In a scholarly and concise way, present a middle range theory with description, analysis, evaluation, and practical illustration for advanced practice nursing 4. Facilitate discussion related to the selected middle range theory and its application to the care of individuals, families, or populations 5. Describe the impact of the theory on nursing knowledge development 6. Demonstrate skills in reasoning, comprehension, presentation, and discussion in a critical, reflective manner

Quick Response

The Tidal Model is one of the theories used in nursing and falls under middle-range theories. The model suggests that our mental welfare is dependent on our individual life experience including actions, perceptions, thoughts, and sense of self. The nurses use the Tidal Model once the case entails a patient that possesses the resources needed for the journey to recovery(Elder, Evans, & Nizette, 2011). In other circumstances, the model makes assumptions that nurses ought to do the necessary to meet the patient’s needs. The Tidal Model has commitments that assist in auditing recovery practice. That is achieved through the practice-based evidence for the theory with the focus being on the practice and the competencies. Such help nurses to develop skills and exploration of competencies…

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