develop a comprehensive lesson for a subject and grade of your choice that will emphasize Objectives and Evaluations for grades Pre-K through 3rd grades. The lesson will need to have its own objectives for student learning as well as an overarching goal(s).


For the lesson, you will need to create assessment instruments to measure student learning outcomes. The lesson should be written in a brief outline form with clearly stated objectives and Florida Standards.


You will specifically develop evaluation plans that target /test/measure the outcomes of the objectives. Lesson activities/procedures, materials, need to be clearly explained or stated very briefly. The lesson objectives and evaluations need to be thorough and specific. Your plan will include an overarching goal for the lessons, objectives, learning standards (Florida State Standards), grouping methods, activities, and detailed evaluation methods. You will include appropriate references justifying your decisions through the plans. Technology and appropriate accommodations need to be integrated into the lesson.


Your evaluation plans should be able to answer the following questions:


How would you plan to monitor students’ learning during instruction?

How would you plan to evaluate learning during or at the lesson’s conclusion?

How would you make your methods of evaluation clear and purposeful to students’ learning?

What assessment process would you use such as questioning, prompting, offering suggestions, etc., to diagnose evidence of student learning?