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What are the major challenges at Deutsche Telekom and what is critical for its survival and future success? What do the think the customers, general public, investors, and employees thought of the leaked letter? Put yourselves in the shoes of a middle manager who is witnessing employees discussing the letter during the hours that they should be working. How would you handle that? To view the grading criteria, click on the assignment and then “View Rubric” on the next page. Please answer all questions Resources: Watch Video Mergers and Acquisitions Culture Clashes Diagnosing and Dealing with Them User: n/a – Added: 7/22/11 YouTube URL:

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Deutsche Telekom has found itself dealing with the challenges of their routers affected by external attacks hence causing an uproar among its customers. The external attacks are mostly achieved using malware. The malware causes the machine to crash and hence influencing service delivery to customers. Data lost and leaked documents leads to significant potential adverse outcomes such as blackmail (Whitman & Mattord, 2016). The above challenges require critical investigation and dealing with to promote survival as well as future success. It is essential to consider the thoughts of the employees, investors, customers, and the general public due to the magnitude of public relations damage that can be made hence influencing the corporate image…Do you need Assignment help from is one of the best essay help websites on the internet

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