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      • In a team you will need to design a New Venture. This should be based on research and investigation into the current market. • You should consider the type of new venture, this includes the product/ service offering, the marketplace, your exit strategy, financial and legal requirements. • Write a Business Proposal document for investors, specifying the amount of funding you require. The Business Proposal will be words (+/- 10%), excluding graphs, tables, charts, appendices and references.

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The process of designing a new venture demands strategic considerations to provide guidance on the strategies that should be put in place before, during, and after the execution of the plan. Therefore, the discussion is expected to identify the specific procedures that are needed to be followed to guarantee the success of the proposed venture. Examples of the considerations that should be discussed include the identification of the target audience, development of a strong value proposition, identification of stakeholders, strategy for demand generation, and consideration of room for innovation. Another significant thing to consider includes the identification of the budget required for the new venture. Such needs to be accompanied by the source of the funding…

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