Detailed Instructions


1.     For this assignment, you will design a 45- to 60-minute class, perform it yourself, and analyze the results. The class needs to include warm-up, any necessary skill instruction or skill review, training segment, and a cool-down/stretching component. Step One: Pre-work Before you get started, identify the following. (Your pre-work must be included in your submission.)

1. Describe your target audience. 2. What equipment do you plan on using? 3. Identify your teaching strengths/weaknesses. 4. How many people do you feel comfortable handling at one time? 5. What are your core exercises going to be? 6. How can you modify or substitute these exercises to be more or less challenging?

Quick Response:

This assignment will begin by identifying the target audience. The class performance will include equipment including charts and technological devices such as computers. The assignment dwells on the strengths of the teaching technique. The exercises and roles will be simple to encourage simplicity and efficiency of the strategy in achieving the learning goals. The strategy will have simple instructions to follow to ensure that everyone follows the concepts presented during the presentation. It is one of the ways of making the exercises and the learning process to be less challenging. Finally, the results will be analyzed to determine the success of the strategy in knowledge acquirement.

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