The assignment focuses on Agile, JAD, and RAD-describing agile technologies. Also, discuss how you can apply these techniques in your capstone project.

Agile, JAD, and RAD-describing agile technologies

Agile, JAD, and RAD. Write a four-page essay describing agile technologies, join application development, and rapid application development. Discuss how you can apply these techniques in your capstone project. The essay must include a cover page, an abstract, a table of content, an introduction, the description of Agile technologies, JAD, and RAS, conclusions, and a list of references. A minimum of five references required and they must cited in the body of the essay. The references must be from reliable sources such as academic books, peer-reviewed journals, or peer-reviewed industry magazines. The entire essay must formatted and written following the recommendations of the 6th edition of the APA Manual of Style. This essay will graded based on its quality, writing, and format. A product backlog is a list of the new features, changes to existing features, bug fixes, infrastructure changes or other activities that a team may deliver in order to achieve a specific outcome.

Agile, JAD, and RAD-describing agile technologies

Extreme Programming technique is very helpful when there is constantly changing demands or requirements from the customers or when they are not sure about the functionality of the system. It advocates frequent “releases” of the product in short development cycles, which inherently improves the productivity of the system and also introduces a checkpoint where any customer requirements can be easily implemented. The XP develops software keeping customer in the target.  Process flow of scrum testing is as follows: Firstly, each iteration of a scrum known as Sprint. Secondly, product backlog is a list where all details entered to get the end-product. Thirdly, during each Sprint, top user stories of Product backlog selected and turned into Sprint backlog. Finally, team works on the defined sprint backlog.

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