From the Wireshark website  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.(which provides sample PCAPs for analysis), choose a PCAP and complete a detailed 7-10 page analysis (double spaced with screen shots that do not count towards the page count) similar to the analysis seen in previous projects. Choose up to 2 PCAPs to reach the page limit. Describe what is occurring in the packet/situation as if you were presenting it as a client deliverable in a professional setting (refer to the previous projects to see what a professional write-up looks like). Upload the PCAP in addition to the paper. Lastly, you might find it helpful (although not mandatory) to read the analysis process in this week’s reading prior to completing this assignment.

More about this assignment:

       This assignment identifies procedure or guidance for working with PCAP files that are extracted from the network using Wireshark application. Another expectation entails demonstration of the capacity to export the files from network devices, for instance, the firewalls. It is essential to identify and discuss the PCAP features of LANGuardian especially when handling large packet captures. The discussion should illustrate the steps for extracting the PCAP files from LANGuardian including choosing the network interface to capture packets, ensuring that filter field is optional, choosing a small value when dealing with packets number, and identification of the file name.

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