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This week we explored Asian American heritage. As we have learned the term Asian American is a broad term encompassing many different groups. The Asian American population was similar to what we read last week about the different tribes or nations within the Native American culture. To begin this week’s discussion describe some of the differences/similarities of immigration patterns of these populations. 

How did the contact situation affect the experiences of these groups? What were some of the campaigns that arose in opposition to the immigration of Chinese and Japanese individuals discussed in this chapter? 

Do the concepts of Noel hypothesis help explain the differences? In addition, think about the Japanese relocation camps and the Indian reservations in terms of paternalism and coerced acculturation that we explored last week. After viewing the short video on Angel Island described what surprised you? 

Were you aware of its existence? What are some similarities/differences about the healing process described in our collaborate and the videos regarding the Commission for Truth and Reconciliation going on in Maine?


In the readings this week we explored the LGBTQ+ community and dominant-minority relations. We explored discrimination that has targeted the LGBTQ+ community. As you read the material and think about your opinions on the LGBTQ, why was there been such opposition to same sex marriages? What does “full acceptance” of the LGBTQ minority mean to you? How might we know that it has been reached?