Introduce the observation essay topic by briefly telling me the place you chose to observe and what you plan to talk about in this essay.

Description of Community

   Describe in at least two paragraphs what you saw when you went to go observe your community. Use both objective and subjective descriptions as well as the use of your senses. 2022 latest answers

5 Discourse Community Characteristics


Explain in detail how your community meets all of Swales’ characteristics.


o    1. A discourse community has a broadly agreed set of common public goals.

o    2. A discourse community has mechanisms of intercommunication among its members.

o    3. A discourse community utilizes and hence possesses one or more genres in the communicative furtherance of its aims.

o    4. In addition to owning genres, a discourse community has acquired some specific lexis.

o    5. A discourse community has a threshold level of members with a suitable degree of relevant content and discoursal expertise.