1. : Discuss the background and evolution of the technology. 


TechnologyCurves,Cycles&Performance:MapouttechnologycyclesusingS-curves of Technological Evolution, S-curve of Technological Diffusion and Anderson & Tuchman’s cycles. Identify discontinuities, periods of revolutions and periods of incremental changes and the present phase of technology. Analyze if a dominant design exists, when it is likely to appear and which design could be established as a dominant design.

 Describe how the performance of technology has changed over time by explaining its key performance characteristics and diverse performance measures.


Intellectual Property Strategies: Discuss intellectual property strategies used in industry based upon technology selected. 


Standards: Mention standards organizations which are relevant for the technology.

 Discuss if formal or market standards exist or are being developed for the chosen technology, what those standards are about and the competition over standards among different organizations


Describe the importance of increasing/positive returns, network externalities and complementary product issues in relation to the technology.


Internationalization & Regulation: Identify the impact of technology in the context of internationalization. Explain regulations adopted by any 3 countries (one each from Asia, Europe and North America) for your chosen technology

. Evaluate the similarities and institutional diversity among regulations formulated by these 3 countries

. Examine the impact of regulations on home country firms and MNCs entry and operations. Select a recent news (from 2021) in domain of Internationalizations, Technology and Regulations and explain it using concepts theories.