Season Title Episodes Originally aired Rank Rating
First aired Last aired Network
  1 Alfred Hitchcock Presents 39 October 2, 1955 June 24, 1956 CBS N/A N/A
  2 39 September 30, 1956 June 23, 1957 6 33.9
  3 39 October 6, 1957 June 29, 1958 12 30.3
(Tied with Cheyenne)
  4 36 October 5, 1958 June 21, 1959 24 26.8
  5 38 September 27, 1959 September 25, 1960 25 24.1
  6 38 September 27, 1960 July 4, 1961 NBC N/A N/A
  7 39[a] October 10, 1961 June 26, 1962 N/A N/A
  8 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour 32 September 20, 1962 May 24, 1963 CBS N/A N/A
  9 32 September 27, 1963 July 3, 1964 N/A N/A
  10 29 October 5, 1964 May 10, 1965 NBC N/A N/A
  1. ^ The 39th episode was never broadcast.


Season 1 (1955–56)[edit]

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Title Directed by Written by Stars Original air date  
1 1 “Revenge” Alfred Hitchcock Story by : Samuel Blas
Teleplay by : Francis Cockrell
Ralph Meeker as Carl, Vera Miles as Elsa October 2, 1955  

While Carl (Meeker) is at work, his wife Elsa (Miles) is apparently attacked and left traumatized. Later, driving in town, Elsa points out a man as her attacker, so an enraged Carl kills him in his hotel room. But moments later, Elsa, still mentally disturbed, identifies another man as her attacker.

Supporting cast: Frances Bavier, Ray Montgomery, John Gallaudet, Ray Teal

2 2 “Premonition” Robert Stevens Harold Swanton John Forsythe as Kim, Warren Stevens, Cloris Leachman October 9, 1955  

Kim (Forsythe) returns home to the U.S. from four years in Paris, hoping to reunite with his estranged father. He learns that his father died four years ago, a fact that his brother and sister-in-law did not tell him. Kim suspects foul play, but eventually learns that he is the one who killed his father, and he has been in a mental hospital for four years; his memories of Paris are just a delusion.

Supporting cast: George MacReady, Percy Helton, Harry Tyler, Paul Brinegar

3 3 “Triggers in Leash” Don Medford Story by : Allen Vaughn Elston
Teleplay by : Dick Carr
Ellen Corby as Old Maggie, Gene Barry as Dell, Darren McGavin as Red October 16, 1955  

Cowboys Red (McGavin) and Dell (Barry) meet in old Maggie (Corby)’s roadhouse and threaten a shoot-out. Maggie does her best to negotiate a peace, eventually convincing them to only shoot each other when the clock strikes. When the clock mysteriously stops, the men take it to be a sign from God and leave peacefully. The light-hearted ending is enhanced by an explanation of why the clock stops.

Supporting cast: Casey MacGregor

4 4 “Don’t Come Back Alive” Robert Stevenson Robert Dennis Sidney Blackmer as Frank Partridge October 23, 1955  
Financially strapped couple Frank (Blackmer) and Mildred Partridge (Gregg) scheme to have Mildred “disappear” for seven years and declared legally dead in order to collect Frank’s insurance pay-off. Insurance investigator Mr. Kettle (Emhardt) suspects that Frank killed Mildred, and his constant hounding of Frank means that the couple cannot be in contact with each other. The night before the seven years is up, Frank is visited by Mildred, who has moved on with life, and she declares that she wants a divorce and an end to the scheme. In a rage, Frank bludgeons her to death with a figurine and buries her in his garden. The next day Kettle apologizes to Frank for his assumption, and offers to help him with his garden.