LABEL EACH PART OF THE ASSIGNMENT PLEASE, I HAVE TO SUBMIT IN SECTIONS. Read all Instructions for each section on this paper.  CSE Format….. THANK YOU!!! 

Our chosen Topic for the Disability assignment: Depression Disorder

Part 1: Please label

 A summary of an article provides in condensed form the thesis of the article and the main points of evidence used to demonstrate that thesis. Since you will be presenting this information for a lay audience, the evidence should be summarized in general layman’s terms. DO NOT use direct quotes! Each summary should begin with the CSE-style citation of the article and should be approximately 200 words long. The summaries must relate directly to the answer of your research question. Three summaries are due. Three sources should be present. If you do not submit three total credible sources, I will return your assignment ungraded. You will earn an automatic zero. Again, three sources – all summarized and correctly cited – should be present. 


Part 2: Please label

If you need assistance with outlining, you might wish to review the information provided online by the Purdue OWL under “Developing an Outline.” This resource includes sections on components of an outline, how to prepare an outline, and samples of outlines. I will use this website to evaluate your outline. 


For this class, your outline should include full sentences for the thesis and the topic sentences, but only phrases for the points of evidence in each paragraph. My primary concern is that you have a PLAN for your essay that distinguishes between main ideas and minor points of evidence. The first part of this assignment asks that you prepare a complete outline for your paper that conforms to the rules stated above.


Next, prepare a rough draft of your introduction and at least your first main point. Post your outline and the partial draft as a Word document here.


You must include all documentation in order for me to provide a critique. Since you are using CSE citation-sequence style, you will have endnotes that correspond to your in-text citations. The in-text citations are noted with a superscript number in the order of citation (1, 2, 3). The endnotes are listed in the order referenced in the text (i.e., not alphabetical order). This is why this style is called “citation-sequence.” Additional citations to the same source use the same number as its first citation. CSE citation-sequence style uses the phrase “Cited References” as the title for the list of sources (bibliography) at the end of the paper. Center the phrase “CITED REFERENCES,” but do not use any other formatting—don’t bold, italicize, underline, or place in quotes.


CSE is covered in Miller-Cochran. Please use it!


Your submission should include your introductory paragraph, followed by your first body paragraph. Two paragraphs total. 

Your submission should outline the rest of the essay, including the conclusion. 

Your outline should include all of the required sources – cited in the body of the outline and on the reference list.

Again, you should cite your sources using in-text citations and reference list citations.



Part three: Please label!

The final draft of your popular science report is due. Make sure it is presented as a Word document in proper CSE format as illustrated in your textbooks and your course resources. The requirements are included above in this module. In your final draft, make sure to use qualifiers when discussing topics that are likely, probable, unlikely, and so on. Don’t be certain about topics natural scientists are still researching (which is most everything, by the way). BEFORE YOU SUBMIT: Ask yourself, “Did I include at least three credible sources cited in the body of the essay and on a reference list?” If the answer is no, you will fail this assignment. Again, if you do not include the required number of sources, I will return your essay ungraded. It will earn an automatic zero. If you do not meet the word count requirement, I will return your essay ungraded. It will earn an automatic zero. If you do not cite the required number of sources using BOTH in-text citations and corresponding reference list citations, I will return your essay ungraded. It will earn an automatic zero.