Your corporate level analysis is a valuable way for you to demonstrate your understanding of the various concepts we have discussed in class. Your paper should include information about how each concept fits with others to form a full picture.
The maximum length of your paper is 8 pages of text. There is no limit to the number of pages of supplemental materials that you may attach to your paper.
You should use 12-point Arial font for your paper. The body of your paper should be double spaced. It is not necessary to double-space your appendices.
Included in your supplemental materials should be the proofread versions of your paper that were completed by two of your classmates. (This means that you will be combining three files into one to simplify the submission and grading process.) Please ensure that the names of the persons who proofread your paper are included on the appropriate copy. Student grades for both the proofers and the authors will be reflections of the feedback provided.
Avoid including a figure, appendix, or table in your paper without explaining it in the text.
Do not use bullets in your paper. Use complete sentences.