Essay on an aspect of contemporary design
Paper details:
In order to demonstrate your ability to research and your increased knowledge of art and design contexts you will be asked to write an essay of 1,000 words on a given topic. Your work will comprise an essay, which follows academic conventions and is fully referenced. (A2, B10)

Your final research report will describe the work of a contemporary artist, fashion designer or product designer who clearly demonstrates that their ongoing work or one of their specific projects is directly influenced by a historical movement, another culture or other creative individual.

In the final essay you will be explaining why the work of your chosen artist or designer interests you. You will define their work, identify then justify their influences and describe the impact their work has either on you or on the world.

I would like for you to stick to a high fashion designer such as Alexander McQueens more specifically his design the yashmak for his Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2000 collection called ‘Eye’; it is a remake of the original design made by Shaun Leane. The collection explored the clashing of Middle Eastern and Western cultures, hence the invocation of the yashmak, a symbol of Middle Eastern dress. Since it is formed from jewelled, metal plates, this yashmak also alludes to the armour worn by Knights during the Crusades. Worn on the catwalk with red and silver knickers, it served as a provactive statement regarding the respective concealing and liberation of the body by Middle Eastern and Western cultures.

Here are some relevant questions that come to mind among others;

Who the designer is?
What relevance does the item have?
What was the designers source of inspiration?
How did it become relevant and What impact did it make?

However the essay should not be limited to the questions above and extensive detailed exploration will be appreciated.

Please make sure its fully referenced and use both primary and secondary research